by:  Christine Francisco

Attention! TPGS, take my command.”

Proudly known for their consistent service to the TPGS community, the Student Police serves as role-models inspiring and encouraging the youth as they promote the essence of self-discipline. As interesting as it may be, being a Student Police is no walk in the park. Despite being faced with numerous challenges and tiring tasks, they stand precedent to their roles.

Every morning, their punctuality is checked and recorded. The Student Police can be seen forming in either the school quadrangle or beside the guidance office  as early as 7:20 a.m. for their tenacious training. By 7:30 a.m., they would then proceed to their respective positions for the morning assembly.  Did you know? Commands are frequently used in order to help the Student Police move neatly and function effectively. To mention a few of their most commonly known commands are:  “Harap sa harap” or “Ready-Front” in order to get their attention while “Patakda” for marching and “Pugay kamay” for the salute.

It is a truly marvelous and rewarding feeling to be able to lend a helping hand but nonetheless, it is not the sole purpose of the Student Police. Empowering not only its own members to impart and strengthen their core values but to encourage other individuals as well to do the same are the tremendous aspirations of their Head Commander for SP Boys, Jed Augusto. “We want to show how confident and independent we are when it comes to responsibility, to think out of the box and hone a sharp creative mind while keeping a well-disciplined attitude,” he said. “Of course, even though we have strict rules and procedures in the student police, we are all friendly and equal individuals off-duty,” claimed by the Head Commander for SP Girls, Jann Celine Miranda.

Even though being a part of the Student Police is not as easy as pie, it can prove to be beneficial in achieving ‘World Peace’, a spectacular jest made by our Activity Coordinator, Mr. Joey Collado. Furthermore, in accordance to the Disciplinary Prefect, Charles San Juan, “Discipline starts within ourselves before we impart it to others.” This belief is simple yet highly significant.

Driven by the vision to lead the youth with eagerness to fulfill their mission of serving the community; the Student Police embraces their goals with value and integrity. Likewise, as fellow students of The Philippine Global School, let us acquire these principles not only for ourselves but for a morally integrated community.



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