BY: Jayden Macalino & Angela Godoy, 9C

TPGS soar high through different academic and non academic clubs Caricature made by: Angela Godoy, 9C

The wait is finally over for Globalians to meet up in their clubs! Clubs give students a great          opportunity to unleash their talents and brilliant skills to improve each other’s lives. It is a significant      benefit for all students in The     Philippine Global School, and the school is fortunate enough to have the formation of clubs started to better display the abilities of the Globalians.

Club days overlay the academic and non-academic subjects wherein students can choose from their           interests, hobbies, God-gifted talents, and much more. The main purpose of clubs are to showcase how talented, gifted and proficient Globalians are. It isn’t just for showcasing what they’re capable of, but it is also a polish for their   future, making it brighter than the sun.

The academic clubs cover up the major subjects the students learn in school. Social Studies, Mathematics, ICT, TLE, Linguistics (either Arabic, English or Filipino), and Science to help them pursue their critical thinking and problem solving skills. While the non-academic clubs are mostly associated with the MAPEH department, in which so many students with flaming energy joined clubs under the department’s umbrella. The non-academic clubs focus on building up the students’ innovative skills and their sense of independent learning; most of the non-academic clubs focus on their interests and hobbies, whilst academic clubs focus on the more academic aspect in the school. The Philippine Global School requires the students to pick a club from both academic and non-academic categories so they would be able to improve their abilities from both aspects.




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