BY:  Joshua C. Bugay

The whole TPGS community, together with a special visitor, celebrated the UAE Flag Day on the 2nd of November, 2017.Truly, the unity and cooperation of each individual can be seen through this celebration.


The Student Police as they are preparing themselves the march and entrance of National Flag.

The program for the UAE Flag Day started off with an Islamic prayer led by Mr. Jamar, followed by the singing of the UAE National Anthem. The Drum & Lyre team did a rendition of the National Anthem “Ishy Bilady”. They accompanied the flag march done by the Student Police, which was led by Charles Vincent San Juan, the SSC disciplinary prefect. The celebration was then opened by our principal, Ms. Lizabeth Comia, followed by an introductory speech from the Social Studies coordinator, Ms. Evelyn Natividad. Throughout the whole short program Globalians were seen holding on to their flags, waving them up high whenever they hear the country’s national anthem.

The Student Police as they holding flag.

The Philippine Global School is proud to wave the flag of the United Arab Emirates: the country that has warmly welcomed us all. May you continue to prosper UAE! (Arabic for mabuhay here)!



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