BY:  Regina Balagot, Rianna Garcia, Cheska Pangilinan & Jairah Tubongbanua


A different language is a different vision of life” – Federico Fellini

Every Student was eager to take part in the Language Month Celebration, a week-long event held last 15th of October and ended on the 26th of October 2017. The celebration has the theme of “Achieving Global Competitiveness through Language and Literature Excellence”. It aimed to show the learners how language affects the life of an individual and what can be done to properly adapt to the changes in our society through language.

Students were engaged into different productive activities in celebration of Language Month

The celebration highlights linguistic and cultural activities all over the school. Different activities were conducted, such as the essay writing contests, slogan and poster making. It also features a spelling bee, scavenger hunt, and more. The activity showcased their writing talents and imaginative skills. It has been an eye-opener to the students to learn new words and understand the importance of language and literature in our life. The event also highlights the book fair, where students are able to buy various types of books, comics or novels. Students also had fun in the morning assembly, where the English Department conducted an activity where they will ask a question (usually translating words to English, Arabic or Filipino) and be given a price for every correct answer.  The students exerted a huge amount of effort as shown in their final outputs. The KG 1 to Grade 3 showed their awesome talents through their interpretative dance numbers. On the other hand, the grades 4 to 6 students showed their talents in speech and articulation as they tackle the Choral Reading Contest. The grade 7 and 8 students show their skills in song writing and singing as they take on The Song Composition contest, and finally the grade 9 and 10 showed their spectacular talents in combining speech, poetry, song writing, singing, and dancing unto one performance, which is called the “Tugbigsayawit”.



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