by Abigail Guanga

Health Awareness Month was conducted last October 16-17, 2018 to be able to raise and spread awareness around the school to grab each and every student’s attention about the said idea. It was organized so that young people would be well educated and be mindful about maintaining and keeping a healthy lifestyle, and how much it can benefit you as a person. One of the significant and important things talked about and shown acknowledgement for was Breast Cancer Awareness. More in-depth discussion about the topic was spoken to female high-school students starting from eighth grade to tenth grade in the school’s Learning Resource Center. Special guests and doctors from the Universal Hospital were invited to have a proper discussion about breast cancer to the female students. More detailed information was shared, such as what exactly breast cancer is, how it affects a person, how to prevent it, or how to examine yourself to see if there is a possibility that you may or may not have breast cancer. These were all better understood with the help of illustrations and a power-point, which gives a visual idea to some.

It is always advised that you have check-ups regularly to the doctor. It is always good to remember to stay healthy at all times! Always keep a healthy diet and have healthy habits.


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