by Danielle Sumayao

The UAE National Flag Day, held on November 2nd of the year 2018 had brought colors of red, green, white and black to The Philippine Global School. The students of the school waved their flags with so much pride in their second home overseas. The flags of every country represent their own identity, things such as landmarks that they are proud of, and more.

The event started off with a parade in which the students walked around the school showcasing and waving the beautiful flag that represents UAE. The Student Police are on their duties, securing the proper behavior and flow of students. The latter part consists of a couple of speeches from the administration office, remarks and hosting of the Supreme Student Council and the singing of the UAE national anthem. Flags are not only held and waved by students. They are also displayed all around the school showing sincere appreciation for the home that UAE has provided. Colors of the flag poured all over the school and these are what the colors suggest; The red part of the flag represents the country’s bravery and strength. The green part represents optimism growth. The white part symbolizes peace and purity and finally, the black part represents the country’s oil and strength of mind as well as standing against foes. The UAE flag is more than just four random colors. It represented the history and treasures in which the country is very proud of.


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