by Chelsea Opiz

The International Day Celebration that occured on the 22nd of November was a glorious day full of activities that showcased various country’s cultures and traditions. This event has always been celebrated by our school and is something that a lot look forward to. Students would be raising and waving the flags they made during the parade. Parents are always welcome to capture some photos during the event for it is something that should definitely be cherished. As the parade is happening, you would see the drum and lyre playing their instruments whilst the minorettes, majorettes, and flag bearers are performing their choreography. One activity that was hyped up by many was the fashion show wherein a number of students were chosen to represent the country of their grade level. Most, if not all, were thrilled seeing their schoolmates walk and flaunt their costumes on the school’s stage. You could hear the loud cheers and the bright smiles of the students as their very confident and gorgeous peer/s walk ever-so gracefully on stage with their costumes. Seeing the students’ positive reactions was truly a win for the people who put in their hard work into making this day successful.


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