By Kate Ronquillo

It is common knowledge among Globalians when the national day of the beloved UAE is: on the 2nd of December of every year. The nationwide celebration day of the country ranges from heritage displays, noisy cars, air shows, endless waving of flags, and who could forget the fireworks at night?

In The Philippine Global School, we had different ways to celebrate the land of opportunities’ “birthday”. The school’s celebration of the 47th UAE National Day was held early for the students on the 28th of November 2018, as the following days were special holidays—that meant no classes for the teachers and students. To honor and commemorate the Spirit of the Union and the leadership of our beloved late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the school has staged several activities for the day with booths and performances.

One of the main highlights of the celebration was the mass cooperation of each student teachers, admins, and staff in wearing the traditional costumes of the UAE, the kandura for men and the abaya for women. The morning started with a parade, formation of a “human flag”, balloon-releasing with the UAE’S colors, and followed by stage performances from the students. A variety of these performances include traditional dance, public speaking, and singing of Arabic songs.

Another highlight was the most awaited Food Exhibition Booth which was handled by the high school students (Grades 7-10) under the supervision of the TLE Club. The foods showcased an assortment of Arabic sweets and treats such as the “tulumba”, “kanafeh”, and “baklava”, together with Arabic dishes like the “shakshuka”, and everyone’s favorite cupcakes. Meanwhile, the elementary students had a room-to-room food exhibition, giving out free samples of Arabic candies.

At the same time, teachers and students have also lined up to decorate their hands and arms with a beautiful henna design. The Social Studies Club members handled the Henna Booth, which was a popular destination for henna lovers.

“The Philippine Global School always puts an effort when it comes to the UAE National Day,” said Melody De Luna, Grade 10. “They always have related topics and activities about UAE. Even if we’re not part of this country, we try to understand the culture and show it to the young generation of The Philippine Global School.”

“The National Day was a colorful occasion especially during the human flag in the morning and the traditional dance presentations,” said Marc Malacad, Vice President of the Social Studies Club. “The activities of the Social Studies Club was a success due to the enthusiasm and the cooperation of the students. It was great because it was colorful, the dance presentations were stunning. I think the booths of the ss club were educational and they showed the traditions of the UAE.”

The UAE National Day marks as a reminder of the great achievement of the leaders. On its 47th year, The Philippine Global School is delighted to celebrate the day with love and joy. And as we proudly sing—“Ishi Biladi”—long live my country, long live the United Arab Emirates.


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