by Agatha Manlapaz

Over the three years of TPGS’ (or The Philippine Global School) establishment, the school has raised and nurtured thousands of astounding students. With the school’s teachers and staff as our guardians, the learners of TPGS still continue to flourish and progress as leaders for the coming generations; most importantly as people. And as the second week of December rolls in, the Globalians are given a chance to express their gratitude for the school’s efforts by partaking in a succession of assorted events involving mass dancing, intense competitions, and a talent show.

The 3rd Founding Anniversary Celebration of TPGS was held on the 9th to the 12th of December, 2018, following Get Together celebrations on the 13th. Along the week, students interact with each other in academic activities with subjects ranging from Filipino, English, and et cetera. On Monday, the nerve-racking Battle of the Brains test the best minds of TPGS in a combat of knowledge. On Tuesday, the talented shine on stage as they take over the stage with their God-given (and hard-earned) talent. And not to forget the school’s annual Field Demonstration, with grade levels dancing their hearts out in hopes to awe their spectators (and the judges, of course). Despite the numerous events and activities, the students enjoyed being active. Truly, there is nothing more inspiring to see our student body working together to make this week the best it could be. Yassalam, Globalians!


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