We believe that in order to achieve the our vision, we need to teach, develop, and model the following values of The Philippine Global School
Respect, self-discipline, nationalism, and recognition of religion and cultural diversity
Respect: our school is committed to inculcate among our students the value of respect to one’s self and to others by: accepting and believing in their own goodness and capabilities, recognizing and accepting others for who they are, giving considerations to others’ feeling, acknowledging and obeying people in authority and treating everyone around them well.
Self-Discipline: our school will provide a safe environment were student’s exhibit self-control in order for them to enjoy learning without the fear of being harmed by: following the school policies, emphasizing the consequences of ones actions, imposing discipline on erring students, and communicating/seeking the help of parents in molding their behavior.
Nationalism: though far from our native land, the school will instill love for one’s country and the host country by: integrating UAE/Filipino values, customs and tradition in all subjects, reciting the patriotic pledge and singing the UAE and Philippine national anthem during morning assembly, displaying the UAE/Philippine literature through music and arts, dances poems songs dramatization and modeling UAE/Filipino costumes during school program and important events of the school.
Recognition of religion and culture diversity: the values that we treasured and lived by will ensure that our school will acknowledge and respect religious and cultural diversity by: integrating this (religion and cultural diversity) in social studies/Civics subject, conducting character development/enrichment program in school and emphasizing respect in the practices and ways of other religions and character and values education subject.