By: Kaitlin Faith Q. Junio 9C

THE PHILIPPINE GLOBAL SCHOOL PASSES ADEC INSPECTION 2017… The school has done remarkable improvement in comparison to earlier years, ergo able to place at Band B (Acceptable) of the inspection’s 3 performance categories.

The inspection started at January 16 2017 and continued for three days. Through those given days the inspection team, led by Sheila A. Crew, had observed and evaluated the various aspects of the school. This included the school’s Performance, Strengths, and Areas of Improvement. Under Performance were 6 standards to assess: Students’ Achievement, Student’s personal and social development, and their innovation skills, Teaching and Assessment, Curriculum, The protection, care, guidance and support of the students, and Leadership and management.

After the days of observation, the inspection team have summarized their assessments of the school. This was then placed in an Inspection Report, given to the school two days after their inspection.

A strong sense of leadership, harmonious relationships between teachers and students, attendance and punctuality, improvements in the KG, and the opportunities for middle and high school students are highlighted to be the strengths of the private school. The subjects Social Studies and MAPEH have been recognized in the report, noticeably being marked as ‘Good’ in the Student’s Achievement Standard.

On the other hand, teaching to meet the full range of students’ learning needs, students’ achievement in all subjects (particularly Arabic in primary grades), and students’ skills in enquiry, critical thinking, problem solving and independent learning are noted in the report to be the key areas for improvement. They have given ways to develop in those lacking areas; such advising to use assessment strategies more regularly, monitoring students’ works through portfolios and giving feedback on their performance, encouraging more able students to work on individual activities, improving students’ access to learning technologies and raising teacher’s expectations of high achieving students with more complex problems related to life. More details can be found in the full Private School Inspection Report.

Because the school is ranked Acceptable for most aspects that were judged on, The Philippine Global School is able to reach the Acceptable band overall; thus granting them a chance to continue educating students. This result has surely sparked pride in the people of TPGS – well done Globalians! BAND B!