Dear Parents and Students,

A warm welcome to all as we embarked to another school journey with its THEME: “K 12 LEARNERS READY TO FACE LIFE’S CHALLENGES THROUGH A POSITIVE GROWTH MINDSET”

Get Involved and Stay Connected with us … Soaring High @ 4 and Beyond!

This SY 2018-2019 students will face exciting challenges and golden opportunities in the Academic and Non-Academic World.  Our Vision-Mission remains …  God centered learning institution committed to the development of the youth in all aspects of life centered to Academic Excellence and Values Formation. We have a school community with our dynamic senior leaders, caring teachers and staff members who worked hard to help our students learn and develop a growth mindset of a positive learning environment. Our partnership with parents as well as other community members is a key point of our success. INVOLVEMENT is the keyword with consistent communication between home and school   for you to learn about what is happening at school thus provide feedbacks to help us improve. Like other schools we have opportunities for improvement and we aspire to unite with you in our school journey. Ensuring a positive and safe learning environment is our top most goal in providing quality education.

This School year we will continue to extend our academic programs on critical thinking and independent learning by doing so, students may build the skills necessary in a global competitive world. Our program includes reinforcement lessons, academic enrichment activities, enhancement program, extra-curricular activities on performing arts & athletics.   We will strengthen “MY NATIONAL IDENTITY PROGRAM” which links the UAE identity and culture in the classrooms and school grounds, “MORAL EDUCATION PROGRAM” which builds character, instill ethical outlook, foster community and endear culture. We are launching “MY ON PROGRAM” that supports the transition to the digital classroom.  Other programs include Robotics with STEMulating activities, challenges and projects for creative students and Question A Day Program that measure the student progress in the area of skill development of Gr. 3 and 7 on international style questions in Math and Science. We will continuously strengthen the assessment programs such as IBT  INTERNATIONAL BENCHMARK TEST that provides a comprehensive assessment of student performance and ability as well as the schools, country and international comparisons, I READY  as a powerful online program that bring your child up to grade level that gets to the root cause of student challenges, delivers an instructional action plan , provides an automated online differentiated instruction and progress monitoring. We will continue the RASH Readiness Assessment for Senior High as an aptitude test for Grade 10 entering the Senior High School program and PASS PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT OF STANDARDS AND SKILLS as a standard – based assessment tool that evaluates academic competencies of grade school based on the K12 curriculum program.    With these we look forward to seeing you. Supporting your children is a partnership between parents and teachers. With the top management, PTC & SSC, we are committed to be with you as partners in our school journey.

Cheers as we work together to a wonderful learning experiences in your child’s school journey!

Working for the betterment of our school!

Lizabeth M. Comia